Annette Wilson | Photographer: Commonplace life

Commonplace life

Pressing pink on our cheeks, the sun and its high season made itself known to us as we walked, slowly, down the streets of Baulkham Hills.
Amy fell asleep on the grass moments after flopping down on to it, soft brown sunhat over her face. Soph and Claire sat on the swings side by side, discussing exam notes as they rose and fell into and from the sky.
Earlier that day we drove Josh to the train station, in a car with not much power. It heaved around corners and even moreso up small hills, but the music blasting through the speakers and the seats filled with scream-singing 20-year olds gave it enough energy to complete out the trip.
This is life, my life, the life of a female 20-year-old living in Sydney, Australia, and while it feels normal and commonplace, I know that to someone living elsewhere, it is the furthest thing from that. These are the thoughts that today consume mine.